April has been insanely busy.  I finally had my first day off this past Sunday for pretty much the whole month.  Photography is crazy like that, you can be crazy busy one month and slow the next, so I'm grateful for the business when it comes!  It just means things get a tad crazy :)  Here are some updates from cell phone pictures from the past month....

The biggest thing this month was Ethan starting soccer.  This is the very first sport he has played.  He is loving it.  His first game he scored 9 goals.  The second game was harder and he was playing a harder team and got super upset that it wasn't like the first game, so he spent most of the game upset by the sidelines instead of trying.  He wound up playing the 4th quarter and scoring three goals so that cheered him up.  We are learning about sportsmanship and playing with a team :)  Good lessons!  It's super cute and fun watching him play :)  It's just a short six week spring season.

Uncle Jerrod has been enjoying watching him play, as Jerrod played soccer from age 5 to 18.  He's been trying to practice a little with Ethan and even bought him this cool goal.

I am not so good with doing hair, in fact I hardly know how to braid, and I've never done a french braid.  My mom however always does Alayna's hair so cute, so this weekend I decided I would finally try.  I watched a couple of You Tube videos and then tried to do a side french braid.  After thirty minutes this is what we ended up with.  I was actually SUPER proud, haha.  Now I need to get good at doing this!

I don't think I ever posted a picture of our completed bunny palace.  Matt made it for me.  It's three stories tall and made out of those office wire cubes.  Nice rabbit hutches are very expensive, like $200+ dollars, and they have way less room than this palace :)  The cost of this was $75 plus my hubby's labor :)  Cupcake seems quite happy in it!

Now that the weather has warmed up a bit we are trying to swim once a week if we can.  We went to my mom's pool because they keep it heated, which is still necessary right now :)  The kids had a blast and we are going again today.

Celebrating Jerrod's birthday.  We had carne asada.

Alayna continues to enjoy her weekly gymnastics class.

Family play time one evening on the trampoline.  Families who jump together stay together ;)


Kelly said…
I'm super impressed that Alayna stayed put for 30 minutes while you experimented with her hair! I think it looks cute :)
Teresa DiMillo said…
I need to learn to braid too! I'm surprised Alayna stayed still for a half hour. Good job, mama, not bad for the 1st time!
Christy said…
You did great. On her hair. I am challenged as well. ;)

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