Bike Bell

Ethan has been wanting a bell for his bike ever since Alayna received her bike for Christmas which has a bell.  I told him he would have to save his own money if he wanted one, so he has been working hard to earn extra money  the past couple of weeks.  We have a reward system in our home, and the kids earn marbles for good behavior and when they are extra helpful.  Once they earn 10, they can then choose a prize from the prize box or trade 10 marbles for $1.00.  Ethan also helped me babysit a one year old last week, and I told him I'd pay him for that.  He did an amazing job, and entertained that lil' guy for the entire time, so he earned more money :)  Anyhow, he was very proud when he had enough to buy his bike bell.  We went to the bike store and he proudly handed over his money.  It was super cute, and I love that he is so happy and proud of it.


Christy said…
your a good mama! :) Im kinda partial to the fire engine shirt hes sporting. Ha!
Teresa DiMillo said…
What a good helper man he is! Trent is a tough one to watch, he is crazy. Thanks again for watching the kids the other day. I'm glad we could contribute to his bike bell purchase :)

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