Children's Museum

Last week I convinced my mom to take a day off and come along with us to the Children's hands on museum in the desert.  I've been trying to take one day to do something fun with them for the bulk of the day each week.  This also helps me take a step away from my work and just enjoy them :)  It was a fun day and the kids really enjoyed it.  It was so nice to have my mom along too and be able to spend some time with her.  These are all cell phone pics, so excuse the low quality :)  I will post some pics from my big girl camera next, haha.

Ethan loved these little race car things.  Be very proud of me, I built one with him.  They had parts and directions and this VERY non technical construction hating mama built one that worked.  I was proud of myself.

They LOVED the grocery store as well :)

Dress up

They loved making pizzas :)


Kelly said…
We didn't see that race car thing! Cam would have loved that! Glad you had such a great time!
krista said…
Madyson loved the race car thing too! We missed the pizza making. I can't even picture where that would have been?!
Teresa DiMillo said…
This makes me want to go back! I took my kids about a year ago, Taelyn was just beginning to explore and Trent was in the Baby Bjorne. Lets plan a trip to go back.
Christy said…
Both our girls have added paint to that very same car when they were little. The living desert is really fun out there as well. Not later than May though cause its too hot!

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