Easter Day

When Ethan crawled into bed with us Easter morning I told him Happy Easter and asked if he knew why today was special.  He immediately replied "because Jesus rose from the grave to be alive again because he died for our sins".  It warms my hear that he gets the meaning of Easter now :)  He told me he was happy for that and not going to ask me about his Easter basket yet ;)  It was sweet.

We got dressed for church and did Easter baskets.

I'm always so happy when the weather is nice on Easter, as we usually spend a lot of time outdoors.  Alayna's cold turned ickier, so we still went to church, but kept her sitting with us. I always love Easter service, it's so very meaningful.

We went over to my mom's for Easter lunch.  Unfortunately the Flores family was in Mexico on a missions trip, so they couldn't join us this year.  It felt odd, they've been with us for the past 5 years.  We missed them!  Matt's parents joined us, and we couldn't help but reflect on how grateful we were to have Sid there healthy.  It was on Easter last year that he wasn't feeling well, but we didn't know what was going on yet. We found out shortly after about the cancer.  We were so grateful this year to have Sid with us, and doing well :)  God is good!

I had to have our family pictures taken in front of the rock, it's so much fun to see how our family grows each year with a picture in this same place :)  This year's picture isn't the greatest, but oh well.

 Grammy and the kids
 Me and my mama

Easter is a great time to take pictures of everyone :)

Matt and his parents and the kids :)

Uncle Jerrod with the kids

What a blessed day :)  The only thing that would have made it better is the Flores family :)


Christy said…
Oh Sid looks AMAZING! God IS good! We have been faithfully praying For Gods healing on his body for a year now. Yahoooo!!!! You all look so sweet in your pictures, glad you had such a nice day. Blessings friend.
Kelly said…
I love that picture in front of the rock idea! You should have posted the previous ones for us to see! :)
krista said…
So thankful that Sid is doing well. He looks great in the pictures! You got some great shots that you will cherish forever. And I like this years rock picture! Now we need to see the last few years of rock photos side by side :)

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