Easter Festivities

A few days before Easter my friend Kelly posted the cutest idea on her blog, making lunch for your kiddos in Easter Eggs.  We did this for a couple of days and the loved it.  Amazing how much fun something so simple can be :)

Alayna came down with a fever on Friday and was feeling icky all day.  I also have a cold, and don't feel fabulous, so I was super bummed because I feel like every time we have a fun holiday weekend planned we get sick!  WE woke up Saturday and she was good enough to at least to over to Matt's parents house, so I was glad. We had breakfast and an egg hunt for the kids.  It was a lot of fun.  It's so much fun now that the cousins are all a little older and love to play together.  They love to roam around Sid and Marlene's huge yard (they have an acre), and have fun together, while the adults get to chit chat :)  It's a nice knew turn to family gatherings.  They were begging us to get together for breakfast like that every week :) 

Ethan was very proud that he finally was able to pump his legs and swing by himself for the first time :)

Marlene reading the kids the Easter story while we hid the eggs.

I tried to get a picture of all the kids, and this was the best I got!  Matt is in it because he's holding Jeffrey :)

And, they're off!

Bagging up their loot: jelly beans and money

The two local girl cousins :)

 Ethan and Stephen.  Ethan informed me that Stephen is his friend now, which is good I suppose since they are cousins ;)

Alayna and Papa

Heather and Jeffrey.  He's such a sweet, happy, smiley guy.

It's hard not to keep taking pictures of such a cutie :)

Alayna loves Jeffrey.  She was crawling around with him :)

I'm so glad we could partake in the fun despite not feeling well :)  We are blessed that our kids have cousins close in age who live nearby!  Such fun :)


Christy said…
Ya' this flu season is the pits. I mean I don't think anyone has gotten "well" because it just lays dormat for a day or week and then BAMM it's back. I hope you guys get to feeling better and I'm so glad Ethan is friends with his cousin. ;)

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