Easter Re-Do

Since the Flores family was in Mexico on a mission's trip for Easter, we did not get to celebrate with them.  We have made it a yearly tradition to celebrate Easter together at my mom's.  We decided to have an "Easter re-do" at our house.  We made some amazing baby back ribs, and had a nice BBQ.  The weather was perfect and we enjoyed being outside all afternoon.  We of course had to have our annual picture with all 8 of us, it's the only time a year we take one!

Johny striking a pose

Jolene made Alayna another super cute dress up dress :)  She loves to wear them.  It's a good thing her Auntie Jolene can sew, because I can't! ;)


BC said…
That is awesome to have the re-do. Family and friends are so vital in life!
Okay, hats off Jolene! Love what she sews!

And your outfit was SO stinkin cute!
Christy said…
Dang the kids are getting so big!

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