No Training Wheels

Ethan is now riding his bike without training wheels.  It happened rather spontaneously.

 Last year we took the training wheels off and he freaked out and refused to ever try again, so we put them back on.  Lately he has been riding and not even using the training wheels (which were loose), but balancing so that they weren't touching the ground.  We asked him after dinner the other night if he would like us to take them off again, he said yes, and off we went.  Matt took off the training wheels, and Ethan hopped on and flew around the driveway.  No wobbling at all. He was a maniac.

It was such a fun moment.  One of my favorite parenting moments.  The pure joy on his face, the giggles, the proud feeling... magical.  We all giggled and delighted in his accomplishment. Moments like those will stay in my memory forever :)


Christy said…
That's so fun. I can totally remember how old our girls were when they took off the training wheels and how proud they were. It's such a sweet time.

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