Our newest Family Member

I had been wanting to get Cupcake a friend for a while, and so this past week I got a new little bunny.  She is a dwarf rabbit.  I was a tad nervous because I didn't know if they would take to each other since they are both female, but it was instant friendship.  I think it helped that the new bunny was a baby, and Cupcake is still young.  They are always together in the cage, snuggling or laying next to each other or eating together.  It's pretty cute.  Cupcake seems happier as well.  We kept with our "sweet C" theme and named her Cocoa since she is darker.  She actually has a super sweet personality, and I think she's more people friendly than Cupcake.   Apparently once bunnies bond, they are bonded for life and really love each other.  I guess everyone needs a friend :)

This was only two hours after bringing her home :)


BC said…
That is just adorable! Love the names.
Christy said…
OK did you get her at uptown pets? Morgan just got one there. A female about the same age. She was looking and choosing between two, that looks like the other one. :)

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