This Week

 -This week wasn't exactly the Spring break I had hoped for.  Alayna's cold got worse and she was too sick to take anywhere, so we stayed home.  On one hand this was nice because I was able to get all my work finished much faster than normal, and this is a busy month for me (yay). On Wednesday I took them out of the house since they hadn't been out in two days. We saw "The Croods" this week and both kids enjoyed it, as did I.  We went to the Banning movie theater where tickets were only $3.00 on Wednesdays (and $4.00 every other day).

-Made these brownies after my friend Kelly posted the link.  They were AMAZING.  Totally yummy.  Matt gave them a 10 and said they "were everything a brownie should be", lol. They have a browned butter frosting which is what makes them a little different.

Layered Brownies

-Loved this article about raising Grateful Kids.  Read it if you have a minute. I've often asked Matt: "is it bad that we spend Saturdays working around the home?"  We rarely take our kids out to do fun things on Saturdays, instead we all work around the house.  And you know what?  The older Ethan gets, the more he wants to participate and help.  He takes pride in it.  I think it's a good thing, to all work together and for your kids to know that it takes hard work to maintain a home.  They know Saturday is chore day.  Once in a while we will take off and do something fun, and that makes it all the more fun :) Matt and I were both raised this way, and I guess it instilled in us a hard work ethic.  So all that to say, that sometimes I feel like somehow I'm cheating my kids by always spending our Saturdays this way, but I have come to think it's a good thing.  They appreciate more when you do less.

-Got our garden planted last weekend, plus Matt built two new boxes for the kids.  They were excited to choose their own plants.  Ethan is growing watermelon, carrots, strawberries and cucumbers.

-My new favorite snack.  These are so yummy.

Me before a photoshoot last weekend.


Kelly said…
So glad the brownies were a hit! I often feel guilty too if the kids end up in the car running errands the bulk of a day. I think, "Wow, we didn't do anything fun today." But we don't HAVE to do something "fun" every single day. Those almonds look awesome!

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