Memorial Day

We had such a lovely Memorial Day.  We started out with a hike in the Crafton Hills.  It's an easier one and was so enjoyable.  The weather was perfect with a lovely cool breeze.  We spotted lots of fun wildlife (aka butterflies, bees and ants), and had to stop many times to observe it :)  I am posted pictures straight from my phone, not edited at all :)

Goodness how I love these three :)  Matt and I have so been enjoying the kids lately.  They are at such fun ages and say such cute things.  I'm savoring the little bit of littleness that is still left :)

I made some festive cupcakes.  I'm pretty proud of how they turned out, my best ones yet!

We spent the afternoon swimming and relaxing at Matt's parent's house.  Carne asada was BBQ'd for dinner, the kids got to swim, and run and play with their cousins and had a blast. 

I LOVE that the kids get to grow up with cousins nearby who are close in age.  They love getting to play together.  Sadly it happens far less than you'd think!  With kids in school and busy schedules it is a challenge to get everyone together even though we do live close.  Glad when it can hapen :) 

I do realize Memorial Day is to honor all of the brave service men and women who serve our country and have given the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom.  We made sure to explain that to our kiddos this year.  We pay our respects, have grateful hearts, and bask in the joy of being together.


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