Mother's Day

I've been meaning to post some pictures from Mother's Day.  It was such a great day.  When I woke up Matt had a few sweet gifts and cards from him and the kids waiting on the counter.  He made us all french toast for breakfast and we got to go to church.

While the kids had quiet room time I layed on the couch and read, which was wonderful. I then moved to a chair outside and enjoyed a yummy mojito and read some more while I watched my kiddos play in the pool.  It was hot but gorgeous out.

The view from my backyard seat :)

They spent quite a bit of time making themselves a mud pit and playing in it....

I told Matt the one thing I wanted was to not cook for anyone that day :)  He decided to make a yummy dinner and invited his parents and my mom over as well.  Steak and lobster was very much enjoyed :)

I felt very loved and appreciated and enjoyed the day of relaxing.  Good job Matt spoiling me and our moms!!!!  :)


Marlene said…
Yes, it was a wonderful day and yummy meal!
Kelly said…
That does sound like such a wonderful day...spent with the ones you love yet not having to lift a finger. You'll be happy to know that I've had one of those mint things and loved it. :)

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