Updates in cell phone pictures

Swimming with friends at Grammy's pool.  We went two weeks in a row.  This week it's been far too cold.  Hopefully next week we can go again :)  This was the first year we didn't go to Vegas with the Oates.  We were joking that this was as close as we were going to get... laying out at the East Highland's Ranch pool, lol.
 Tea parties at the pool are fun :)
 Daddy left work a little early and joined us one day.

Are my kids the only ones who wear rain boots even when it's hot?  :)
 Alayna got to use a rope swing one week at gymnastics.

I have four new rose bushes in the front yard, this is one of them... George Burns.  By the way, our front yard is finally landscaped!!!!  We finished up all the flower beds :)  Now there's just the massive huge area that covers our slope that is covered in ivy.  We won't be getting to that any time soon.  I'll post pictures soon of the front yard.
 He built a chair out of his Tinkertoys, fun :)
 We celebrated Baby Jeffrey's first birthday.
 Ethan's cousins came to his soccer game one week :)  I've yet to blog about soccer, it's because I want to bring my big girl camera to the field first :)
 Uncle Jerrod has made it to every soccer game :)
 She loves flowers.  She's always picking them and smelling them.  I let her pick this huge rose and she stuck it in her bike to enjoy :)
 Swimming again with friends :)
 They were warming up in the sun :)
 Fresh hay anyone?  It's a treat for these two :)
 Daddy/daughter snuggles
 My two little crazies after dinner one night

We had the annual Holland Festival last weekend.  The weather was great.  The day after it turned cold and rainy.  The kids had a blast playing games, eating ollie bollen, and they even lasted through three hours of the live auction!!!!

 She loved these guinea pigs and turtle.  Truth be told it made me miss my piggies.  I think I have enough animals for now, but know that it made me want to get some :)
 Bounce house fun

Instead of a french braid I have mastered this twist.  It is super easy and I've been doing it a lot on Alayna's hair.  Now i need how to do a regular french braid!


Kelly said…
I've wanted to try those Tinkertoys for Cam! Next time we are together you'll have to try that braid thing on Kendall. :)

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