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Our Third Annual Crafternoon

Krista and I hosted our third annual Crafternoon this past weekend. We had 15 people come.  It's fun to chat, eat and create :)

It turned out great and was tons of fun!  Here are the four crafts that were made (I stole this picture from Michelle).  We decorated wooden letters, made our own air fresheners out of baking soda and essential oil, a little post it note holder and a journal.

The Beach

A few weeks back I had a photoshoot at the beach.  I decided to bring along my family.  We left three and a half hours ahead of my scheduled session so that we could get down there and hang out and have dinner.  Unfortunately there was a horrible accident on the 91 freeway that had a fatality and the freeway was actually shut down for a bit.  It ended up taking us THREE hours to get down to Laguna (it takes one with no traffic).  Thank goodness I had brought along our portable DVD player for the kids.  Since I hardly let them watch TV in the first place, when I do bring something out they are glued to it.  We made it down there and scarfed down Wahoo's Tacos, and then met up with my poor frazzled clients who had been stuck in the same traffic.

THankfully the session went well and it only took us an hour to get home :)  While we were waiting for my clients on the beach I snapped a few photos of my girlie.  My boy was quiet overwhelmed with the huge crashing waves that day and reall…

Ethan's Last Day of Junior Kindergarten

Ethan finished his first year of school.  He did so well!  He was actually very sad on the last day of school, we had many tears because he said he would miss his classmates and his teacher Mrs. Kidd.

hehe, I had to post this picture of him eating breakfast.  He gets the most awesome bed head :)

We are so proud of our boy for having such a great first year of school!  I can't believe he'll be in kindergarten now... sniff sniff.

That evening we took him out to dinner to celebrate.  We went to BJ's and he said he felt very special :)

 Gotta love Alayna's face here.... haha.

I might as well post a couple more pictures on the same topic.  Ethan's class had their end of the year party at the park and I got to come along.  It was a fun little time.

Ethan eating with his buddies. What a great first year of school for our little guy!  Now onto Kindergarten!

Lake Skinner

Maybe one of these days I'll take some nice pictures with my big girl camera :)  I realize that lately all I have are cell phone pictures!  At least I'm still capturing our memories :)

We have already been full swing into summer and having lots of fun.  One of the first things we did was to go to Lake Skinner with the Oates.  You can't swim in Lake Skinner but they have a huge splash pad that is really fun.  The kids had a blast running around and the scenery was beautiful.

Date Night

The other week my mom took our kids overnight.  We got to have a date night ourselves.  We went to The Grand Oak at Highland Springs Resort. Several people had recently recommended it, so we decided to try it out.  We were very pleasantly surprised that Beaumont had such a classy place!  It was totally delicious and I'd compare the food to our other favorite restaurant: The Farm.

Being that we were at a place with lavender fields, I had to try the lavender mojito.   It was super yummy.  I had a really tasty fish for my entree and Matt had short ribs.  We shared a peach salad which was amazing and I'd love to re-create.
The best part of our date was that we got to go home to no kids and also wake up in the morning at our own house alone!  A first for us since having kids :) It was incredibly relaxing.  Hopefully my mom will do that again, as the kids had a blast with her as well.

11 years

Last week we had the 11th anniversary of my dad going home to heaven.  We were intentional again this year, and got together at my mom's for dinner.  She got us balloons and we released them in the air.  It was neat.  It is healthy and good to be intentional about that day, to be together and remember my dad.  Since I finally grieved loosing him two summers ago, things have been much much better.


-I go through phases with what I eat for breakfast, and they usually last quite a while.  2013 has been 1 egg and a bowl of oatmeal with a little cinnamon and brown sugar, milk and fresh berries if we have any.  The egg is a must for me, I try to have protein in the morning as it really helps to keep me full.

I have been wanting one of these Polar heart rate monitor watches for months.  I finally ordered one from Amazon and used it this week. It's quite motivating to make a goal for myself and then try to meet it during my workout.  I have found the most inaccurate cardio machine at my gym so far is the elliptical.  It was off by nearly 40%!  Kind of a bummer to find out you've been burning 40% less calories than you thought, haha.

Our cherry tree was loaded this year.  We decided to use some of them to make a cherry pie.  Ethan was quite enthusiastic and pitted four cups of cherries for me :)  He was quite proud of our finished pie :)

I love decorating for holidays.  I only p…