Ethan's Last Day of Junior Kindergarten

Ethan finished his first year of school.  He did so well!  He was actually very sad on the last day of school, we had many tears because he said he would miss his classmates and his teacher Mrs. Kidd.

hehe, I had to post this picture of him eating breakfast.  He gets the most awesome bed head :)

We are so proud of our boy for having such a great first year of school!  I can't believe he'll be in kindergarten now... sniff sniff.

That evening we took him out to dinner to celebrate.  We went to BJ's and he said he felt very special :)

 Gotta love Alayna's face here.... haha.

I might as well post a couple more pictures on the same topic.  Ethan's class had their end of the year party at the park and I got to come along.  It was a fun little time.

Ethan eating with his buddies.
What a great first year of school for our little guy!  Now onto Kindergarten!


Kelly said…
I can't believe our boys are growing up so fast...too fast. :( What is that on his toast for breakfast? It look like coconut :)

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