Fun With Chalk

On Friday evening/afternoon we were waiting for Matt to come home so we could start our weekend.  We went out front and rode bikes and then played with chalk.  I've had the chalk put up for quite a while, so they thought it was great fun getting to play with it.  We tried to make a hopscotch course, but then they had more fun just drawing and covering themselves in chalk :)  It was a lovely time and I decided to break out my big girl camera to capture their chalky cuteness.  I know this is a ton of photos, but lately I don't take all that many photos with my nice camera of my kiddos, I've decided less is more, and I only break it out when I feel inspired :) 

And yes, Ethan is wearing a helmet :)  He had just been riding his bike and didn't want to take it off.


Christy said…
So much fun! Chalk NEVER gets old. :)
Those images are amazing! Your cropping is so artistic. Love seeing your kiddos laying on the ground together, too cute!

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