-I go through phases with what I eat for breakfast, and they usually last quite a while.  2013 has been 1 egg and a bowl of oatmeal with a little cinnamon and brown sugar, milk and fresh berries if we have any.  The egg is a must for me, I try to have protein in the morning as it really helps to keep me full.

I have been wanting one of these Polar heart rate monitor watches for months.  I finally ordered one from Amazon and used it this week. It's quite motivating to make a goal for myself and then try to meet it during my workout.  I have found the most inaccurate cardio machine at my gym so far is the elliptical.  It was off by nearly 40%!  Kind of a bummer to find out you've been burning 40% less calories than you thought, haha.

Our cherry tree was loaded this year.  We decided to use some of them to make a cherry pie.  Ethan was quite enthusiastic and pitted four cups of cherries for me :)  He was quite proud of our finished pie :)

I love decorating for holidays.  I only put up a few fun festive touches, but to me it just makes my home so homey and festive :) 

I signed Ethan up for gymnastics since we fished soccer.  He is enjoying it a lot, and hasn't seemed to mind that the girls far outnumber the boys :) 
Last weekend I had a photoshoot at the beach.  I decided to have my family come along.  We left extra early so that we could have dinner down there before my session and hang out.  It ended up taking us THREE hours to get there due to a fatality on the 91 freeway.  They had it closed down for a bit.  A one hour drive taking three hours is just crazy.  Thankfully the shoot still went well and the kids still thought it was fun.  Good thing for DVD players in the car!

 The other week when I had my babysitter here I worked for 2 hours at The Queen Bean, then decided to spend my third hour perusing the little antique and thrift stores in Yucaipa on California Street.  There are quite a few now and it was fun.  I could have spent more time.  Here were my finds, I spent around $8.00 total.

We took Ethan out to dinner on his last day of school to celebrate.  We went to BJ's and we all enjoyed :)  My sweet, sensitive boy was sad and cried off and on all day because he was sad school was over.

A couple of sweet pictures of the kids from the park a few weeks back.

Me and the kids one morning at a little date at the Olive Market in Redlands.  It was our first time going there.  Such a cute place!  They had an amazing beer selection so I surprised Matt and got him four bottles of fun beers that he'd never tried.

A sweet moment... reading the Bible after dinner one evening (as we do every night).


Christy said…
Fun watching your sweet family. Sweet Ethan is gonna miss Mrs. Kidd huh? :) Oh and ummmm I'm thinking I might have that babysitter of your steal me some cherries so I can make a pie. Ha!
Kelly said…
I've noticed you are always good at having themed decor around different Holidays. You are right in that even a little makes a big difference. :)

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