The Beach

A few weeks back I had a photoshoot at the beach.  I decided to bring along my family.  We left three and a half hours ahead of my scheduled session so that we could get down there and hang out and have dinner.  Unfortunately there was a horrible accident on the 91 freeway that had a fatality and the freeway was actually shut down for a bit.  It ended up taking us THREE hours to get down to Laguna (it takes one with no traffic).  Thank goodness I had brought along our portable DVD player for the kids.  Since I hardly let them watch TV in the first place, when I do bring something out they are glued to it.  We made it down there and scarfed down Wahoo's Tacos, and then met up with my poor frazzled clients who had been stuck in the same traffic.

THankfully the session went well and it only took us an hour to get home :)  While we were waiting for my clients on the beach I snapped a few photos of my girlie.  My boy was quiet overwhelmed with the huge crashing waves that day and really wanted nothing to do with being near the water.  Oh the difference in my children :)

I love my adventurous girl.... she's just like me :)


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