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I really wanted to take the kids bowling at least once this summer so this past weekend we went :)  My mom and my brother joined us and we went out to the bowling alley at Morongo, which was really nice.  I don't even remember the last time I bowled, and this was a first for my kids.  My how times have changed, you just program in who needs bumpers and when it's their turn, the bumpers pop up for them!  So cool!  We will definitely bowl again :)

I am way better at Wii bowling than real life bowling.  My first game was far better than my second game.  In fact... Ethan beat me the second game!

This week

I'm still yearning to be back in Montana, you see it really was that amazing.  I guess you know it's been a good vacation when you keep wishing you were back there :)  This week has been pretty crazy, in fact it almost feels like two weeks yet it's only Thursday.  I've been at church every evening working in the kitchen to feed 80 people dinner.  We've had awesome help, and it has gone well, but boy am I pooped.  I think it's because we started off with Sunday being so crazy.... nursery duty at 8:00 am followed by getting all the food and set up stuff to the park for a bbq picnic, by the time that was all finished and cleaned up I had one hour break before going back to church to prepare dinner that night.  It ended up being a 12 hour day.

I've been making sure to try to play during the day too, so we haven't had much down time.  Monday we had fun meeting up with my credential program friends and their kiddos.  We try to get together once during the sum…

Our 11th Anniversary

Matt and I recently celebrated our 11th anniversary.  Being that we had just returned fro a 10 day vacation we didn't do anything too fancy.  My mom came over and babysat and we went out for the evening.  Our first stop was Brew Rebellion, a tiny little brewery that just opened in Yucaipa.  The place is a tad of a hole in the wall, but we liked the vibe and the beer was EXCELLENT.  They do not bottle anything yet, so you have to go in to sample, and they change up what they brew weekly. 

We decided we were in the mood for some yummy fish, so we went out to King's Fish House at Victoria Garden's.  We both enjoyed a very delicious seasonal wild sockeye salmon.  After dinner we we walked over to Williams Sonoma and strolled around a bit before heading home. Not super exciting, but a very enjoyable evening :)

I can't believe we've been married 11 years!  I couldn't imagine a better husband than Matt :)

Montana Vacation

We've been back for over a week and I've yet to blog about our fantastic 10 day vacation to Montana.  However I already have an album in my hand from our vacation, which is awesome :)  We've had fun looking through it.  I HIGHLY recommend creating albums for trips you take, it's such a great way to remember the fun and to have all of your favorite pictures in one place.  I make one for each trip we take.

I know this is a humungous blog post, but I just wanted to blog the whole vacation at once :) I have sat down three separate times to work on this, lol.

Our kids got to fly on an airplane for the very first time.  They were so excited.  Ethan was quite nervous at first and asked if the plane was going to crash any time it made any sort of movement or had turbulence.  Alayna was chill.

We had a layover in Seattle.... this was at 9:00 PM.  We got to fly on a prop plane, which actually eneded up being great.  They served complimentary beer and win…