This week

I'm still yearning to be back in Montana, you see it really was that amazing.  I guess you know it's been a good vacation when you keep wishing you were back there :)  This week has been pretty crazy, in fact it almost feels like two weeks yet it's only Thursday.  I've been at church every evening working in the kitchen to feed 80 people dinner.  We've had awesome help, and it has gone well, but boy am I pooped.  I think it's because we started off with Sunday being so crazy.... nursery duty at 8:00 am followed by getting all the food and set up stuff to the park for a bbq picnic, by the time that was all finished and cleaned up I had one hour break before going back to church to prepare dinner that night.  It ended up being a 12 hour day.

I've been making sure to try to play during the day too, so we haven't had much down time.  Monday we had fun meeting up with my credential program friends and their kiddos.  We try to get together once during the summer while they are all off (they all still teach).  We had a lot of fun hanging out at Noreen's new house in her resort style pool :)  I particularly enjoyed sitting in a chair on the lagoon step.  Wish I could see these girls more often!

This was the sunset when I was on my way home from church Monday night, so pretty.

Wednesday I actually didn't have to do anything for SERVE, they all headed to the beach and another gal went with her family to take care of the food stuff.  I watched the youngest Oates boys from 6:30am-6:00pm because their oldest son had eye surgery.  The kids had fun playing all day.  I took them swimming at my in-law's for about 4 hours and it was nice.

"Hey mom, look, we are Red Robbers, that means we help people".  hehe, I got a kick out of that :)

Ethan has been getting over a cold and for the past three days complained of a headache.  I wondered if maybe he was having sinus issues.  Last night after he got out of the bath he started screaming in pain about his head hurting so Matt took him to urgent care (of course this happens as we're about to sit down to dinner together the only night I get to be at home this week).  Turns out the poor guy has a double ear infection.  This same thing happened last summer.  A cold combined with lots of swimming seems to be no bueno for him.  The bummer part is that he can't swim for 10 days now while we treat the infection :( 

Today we are laying low as Ethan is still in pain.  While I sit here at my computer my kids are already on their second hour of cartoons. I have to be back at church this evening and then tomorrow evening is the last night.

A few pictures from last week.....

Riding bikes in the driveway after dinner.

Marshmallows and toothpicks are always a fun activity, especially for my boy, he loves to build.

Here is our Thursday night small group working on each of our sections for the 12x4' bottle cap table at the Oates.  All of us have been saving bottle caps for 4 years now and finally reached around 6,000.... so Faith constructed the table and we each got a 2x2 square to decorate.  It will be filled with grout and then glass will be put on top.  I can't wait to see the finished product!

The Hekman's completed square :)  Can you tell what it is?

One last picture.... she was so very proud of how well she colored this picture :)  She loves to color.  She is so much like I was as a little girl :)


Kelly said…
Such a bummer about Ethan's ear! So whose house will the table reside? What a cool idea!

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