First week of Kindergarten

Ethan completed his first week of Kindergarten last week.  He was excited.  It helps that he went to pre-k at the same place last year.  He hopped right in line and walked into his classroom no problem the first day.

 I actually did really well.  To be honest I was ready for him to be back at school.  By the end of summer him and Alayna were fighting quite a bit and he was just ready to be back into the routine of things. He does really well with a consistent routine. It's nice to have Alayna to myself now for a while.  When Ethan is around she just wants to be with him, so it's fun to have her by myself.

Here are a few pictures from the first day of school.


Annette said…
I missed this when you first posted. Ethan is getting so big! You can tell him that he is having kindergarten in the same building that Aunt Annette and Uncle Mike had Calvinettes, Cadets, and Sunday School! And I remember hanging out on that ramp during lunch break, because it was nice and cool. I'm sure he'll have a wonderful year!
Christy said…
Oh hes so handsome! Soak it up girl its gone in a blink! I have a picture of Morgan in that exact spot with Mrs. Kimm and now my sweet girls is about to be 13! Ack!!

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