Soaking Up Summer

This summer has probably been one of the best since having kids.  We have had so much fun.  Being that neither of my kids nap anymore, we have a lot of time during our days to fill up!  Work is generally slower for me in the summer, which is nice because I can spend more time with the kids (although my bank account doesn't think it's as nice, lol).  I've been trying to do something fun with the kids nearly every day.

Oak Glen
Last week we went up to Oak Glen two different days.  I love it up there this time of year during the week.  No one is there and it's gorgeous. 

They had a lot of fun gathering acorns

 He actually requested I take this :)

 In between all the fighting, there are sweet moments!! :)

My kids had the best time playing in this stream at Riley's Farms.  Free entertainment!!

Yucaipa Regional Park
We went to the regional park one day last week and the kids had a blast.  While it does cost money, it's right around the corner from my house and the next best thing to the real beach!  We are going again this week and Ethan is counting down because he will get to go on the waterslides for the very first time.

Fort Making
Lunch is always more fun when enjoyed in fort while watching a movie :)

We went to the drive in for the very first time with the Flores family.  It was actually a ton of fun.  The kids all sat in one car together and the adults sat in chairs.  We enjoyed dinner while we waited for the movie to start and the kids raced around on their scooters. We saw Turbo and we all enjoyed it :)  I liked that it was much cheaper than going to the movie theater.  We paid $15.00 total.

The sunset was amazing that night

Splash Park
Today we went to a splash park in Moreno Valley and met up with a few friends.  This is actually the only picture I took, and it was right at the end.  We actually stayed 4 hours!  The kids had a blast running around and playing and the mom's sat in the shade and chatted :)  Not bad for a free outing!

This is nothing fun, but I just had to add it..... I tried out a new form of punishment with Ethan...

Growing up this was a frequent form of discipline in our home.  I had to write many sentences and I vehemently promised my mom I would NEVER EVER make my own children do this.  hahahaha, you can bet she's having a good laugh now :)


Kelly said…
I love the fort lunch tradition. So cute :)

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