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Alayna Turns 4

Alayna turned four on September 10th.  For two months I can say I have a four year old and a five year old :)

We celebrated with the Flores family when they came to our house for dinner a few days before Alayna's birthday.  Jolene made her an amazing 6 layer rainbow cake.  How cool is that????

I had declared this year a "non party year" and it was nice to have a low key day.  It was just perfect.  We started off her birthday with birthday cake for breakfast.  Pretty cool huh?

We then had some friends meet us at the park for cupcakes and a little play time.  The kiddos all had fun and I officially declared this low key event my kind of "birthday party" :)

We then took Alayna out to lunch at the place of her choice, which ended up being Chick fil et.  Matt was able to meet us and we had a nice little lunch.

Later that evening the family came over for pizza and cake and Alayna got spoiled with fun gifts :)

Yup, we re-used Jolene's awesome cake, we still had ha…

A Night in Oceanside

Last weekend the kids and I packed up and headed down to Oceanside to stay the night.  The Oates were able to get us a room for super cheap (they were staying the week there).  It was actually a two bedroom condo that was bigger than our first apartment.  Unfortunately Matt couldn't come with us because he couldn't miss work the next day.  We missed him but managed to have fun.

The sand monster strikes again!  This girl loves sand.  Notice that she is COVERED in it.  She doesn't mess around!  :)

He spelled his name out of rocks all by himself :)

Snuggles in the morning while we watch cartoons.  Not a bad way to spend a Monday :)

 Sadly the trip ended a little badly.  We were hanging out by the pool at the time share and  Ethan went down the slide.  Somehow he landed funky on his ankle and hurt it.  At first I thought he was being dramatic, but after he wouldn't walk on it for quite some time I knew he must have sprained it.  We hung out a while longer and then dr…

Thunderstorm Fun

We've had some crazy weather in the past few weeks, including almost daily thunderstorms.  This is not the norm for us, to have thunderstorms for several days in a row.  My kids have had fun playing in the rain!  This past weekend it dumped an inch in only 30 minutes!  Being that it was so hot out, the kids stripped down and had a blast in the backyard :)

Matt and I enjoyed sitting and staying dry and watching :)  These two pictures of him and Cookie are funny :)

Tea Party

Last week my mom had a special tea party for Alayna.  She used her special Depression glassware that she collects and set it up special.   Alayna was very excited and enjoyed it :)


I have lots and lots of pins on Pinterest.... 4,457 to be exact, lol.  What can I say, I love it.  I also have to mention that I joined right when it started, so that's a few years of pinning.  I do actually go to my Pinterest boards often and try some of the things I've pinned.  I probably use Pinterest most for recipes and photography.

Here are four things I did this week.

*Made my own granite cleaner.  It worked really well, and it's much cheaper than anything you can buy, plus it doesn't have a bunch of crazy chemicals in it.  It left my counters free of residue, which seems to happen with everything else I use.

To make your own granite spray all you need is:
-1/4 tsp. liquid dish detergent
-1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
-2 1/2 cups water
-I also added a couple of drops of lavender essential oil.
Mix it all together, put it in a spray bottle and enjoy!

*I made these healthy triple chunk chocolate muffins and my kids enjoyed them, which is not the norm (they normally are…