A Night in Oceanside

Last weekend the kids and I packed up and headed down to Oceanside to stay the night.  The Oates were able to get us a room for super cheap (they were staying the week there).  It was actually a two bedroom condo that was bigger than our first apartment.  Unfortunately Matt couldn't come with us because he couldn't miss work the next day.  We missed him but managed to have fun.

The sand monster strikes again!  This girl loves sand.  Notice that she is COVERED in it.  She doesn't mess around!  :)

He spelled his name out of rocks all by himself :)

Snuggles in the morning while we watch cartoons.  Not a bad way to spend a Monday :)

 Sadly the trip ended a little badly.  We were hanging out by the pool at the time share and  Ethan went down the slide.  Somehow he landed funky on his ankle and hurt it.  At first I thought he was being dramatic, but after he wouldn't walk on it for quite some time I knew he must have sprained it.  We hung out a while longer and then drove home and went straight to urgent care.  Poor little guy had a badly sprained ankle, but thankfully nothing was broken.  He sobbed about having to use crutches.  That is hard on an active little boy!  He's gotten used to them and become speedy :)  We see the doctor tomorrow to find out how his ankle is doing.


BC said…
So fun...but sad Ethan got hurt. Hope he is up and at 'em again soon!
Christy said…
Sry about your ankle little dude. :( Love the beach pictures...dont you think we are so blessed to live here? I sure do! :)

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