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Matt's 35th Birthday

Matt turned 35 this weekend.  I made sure to not schedule any sessions that day and we had the whole day for fun :)  We started off with a breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls, eggs and bacon (Matt's request), some presents, and snuggles around the breakfast table.

We were making Cookie howl right here, which is always funny :)

The Flores family came over shortly before lunch.  We had originally planned on going to Oak Glen, but decided instead to head up to Jenk's Lake to hike around.  We were so glad we did as it ended up being just perfect.  We packed a little picnic and then explored.  None of us had ever been to Jenk's Lake, but we're definitely going back!  It's only a 25 minute drive from our house and it's so beautiful.  The trees were all changing color and it was a perfect 67 degrees.  It's super tiny, more of a pond than a lake, but it sure is beautiful.

These are all cell phone pictures :)

When we got home we relaxed, had some appeti…

Catalina Island

I purchased Groupon tickets for us to go to Catalina Island back in May.  They were set to expire shortly so we decided to use them on a lovely Friday in October.  The weather could not have been better.  It was super clear, warm and just perfect.  I didn't feel like lugging my camera around, so I just have cell phone pictures :)

We had to get up very early and leave our house by 6:00 am in order to make it out to Newport in time.  Ethan was pretty nervous and scared at first as the boat took off and cried for the first bit, but once he adjusted he enjoyed it a lot.  It was smooth sailing the whole way.  We saw a huge whale just off the coast of Newport, and it was very close to our boat, which was awesome.  We saw a couple of pods with hundreds of dolphins which was also neat.

Matt zipped her up in his jacket so she could be warm on the boat ride :)

Once on the island we scoped out a place for lunch and chowed down.  Then we rented a golf cart to tour the island.  We spent about…

Pumpkin Patch Outings

Last week I got to take each of my kids to the pumpkin patch on separate outings.

First up was Alayna with our T-MOMS group.  It was a great morning :)

Alayna and her friend Kendall.
Petting baby chicks
 Alayna, Kendall and Taelyn. 
And little Brooklyn added to the bunch :)
Petting a pony

Picking her pumpkin
Twinsies with our short hair :)

Me, Lea and Teresa.  Love that I am still friends with these girls all these years later (we went to high school together).

On Friday I went along with Ethan's class on his fieldtrip to the very same pumpkin patch.  He also had fun :)

 Alright mom, hurry up and take your picture :)

Running through the hay maze with his classmates.
 Ethan's kindergarten class.  He is the tallest kid in his class.