Alayna at 4 years and one month

Dear Alayna,
You turned four last month. It has been quite some time since I have written you a letter.

We chuckle constantly at you, as you are just your own little unique person.  You adore nature.  When we are outside you are constantly exploring and gathering.  You gather rocks, sticks, plants, flowers, bugs and anything that seems interesting to you.  You love exploring the world around you and notice all of the little details of creation.  I love this about you, as I myself love the outdoors and all it has to offer :)

You are still our little pig pen.  You never fail to somehow get your clothes and face dirty.  Dirt just doesn't bother you, in fact you like to be in it.  If we go somewhere you are usually in the dirt or bushes within minutes.  You love nothing more than to explore and observe nature,  and to touch and feel things between your fingers. 

You are often in your own little world.  You love to pretend and are often lost in whatever thoughts and games and scenarios you have going on in your little head.  One of your favorite things to pretend is that you are a kitty.  You and your brother are always pretending to be "kitties" and do various things. 

You are not timid or shy or bothered by what anyone thinks.  You are confident. You just do what you please with no apologies.  I love this about you.

You are very artistic and enjoy doing artwork, whether it be coloring or drawing or creating a craft.  You also LOVE learning.  You love looking at books and being read to, and you love doing workbooks.  We have been working on your letters and numbers lately and you are so eager to learn.  I love it!

You adore your older brother.  You are always doing things to get his attention.  You guys play together constantly and of course have your fair share of fights.  When he is not around you don't quite know what to do with yourself.   You two are best buds.

You are a tad goofy.  You like to play around and be silly. 

You are still our little bookworm.  Your love for books and reading started when you were a baby and it only grows.  You constantly sit and page through books, looking at the pictures.  You always ask us to read to you and you never tire of it.  You will love it when you can finally read on your own.  This year we started doing a little "preschool" with you.  You know all of your letters and are practicing writing them.  Now I guess I need to teach you how to read :) 

I love you Alayna Joy!  You are so much fun.  I love that I get to spend so much time with you this year and see your little personality shine while Ethan is at school.  I pray that you continue to grow and flourish and love the Lord with all of your heart!


Annette said…
Thank you Jess. I Love this! Even though we are far away, I feel like we get to know Alayna a little bit, and I love her even more! Wish we were closer. :-(
~CCC said…
SO SWEET!!! She is a doll! Look SO much like her Mama!! Happy Birthday.. and one month, Alayna! ;)

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