Bump Diaries

I am now 15 1/2 weeks pregnant.   Looking very forward to feeling this little baby move in my belly any day :)  Still feeling nauseous, but hoping I'm near the end!  Lately I am STARVING all the time.  It's not a normal hunger that you can ignore like when you are not pregnant, it is a I NEED TO EAT NOW hunger that if I ignore makes me feel very very sick.  I guess the baby is having a growth spurt?   I still have to eat something right before bed as well or else I wake up very sick and hungry in the middle of the night.

One good thing is that now that I"m in my second trimester I am not as tired :)  I was needing to take a nap nearly every afternoon, but this past week I've noticed I'm not quite as tired, which is nice :)

 Here are some pictures from the last four weeks.  I'm trying to take a picture every week in front of the board :)


Christy said…
So glad you had a nice birthday. And I love your chalk hoard pregnancy pictures. Too cute!!

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