My 32nd Birthday

I had a very nice and low key birthday this year.  I woke up and the kids and Matt loved on me.  Matt made us all french toast and bacon.

 My mom came over to watch the kids all day. 

Matt packed up our bikes and we headed to Huntington.  We first stopped for lunch at El Burrito, as I was craving what else, but a bean, rice and cheese burrito :)  Of all the burritos El Burrito in Redlands is by far the best, and I think it's because of the amazing tortillas they make fresh. 

We spent about 2 1/2 hours riding our bikes in Huntington, up and down the beach.  We rode 13 miles and it was so nice.  We enjoyed every bit of it.  We realized we have only got to ride our bikes together one time without pulling a trailer with a kid or two since we've had kids, so this was a treat! 

It was HOT down there.  The temp was 86 and there wasn't 'that cool onshore breeze.  I was wishing I had brought my bathing suit!

We put our bikes back in the car and walked the pier and downtown, then headed to Riverside.  We met up with Danny and Jolene for dinner at PF Chang's.

It was a great day!


Kelly said…
That seriously sound like the perfect birthday. Biking along the beach sounds sooo fun and relaxing:)

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