Pumpkin Patch Outings

Last week I got to take each of my kids to the pumpkin patch on separate outings.

First up was Alayna with our T-MOMS group.  It was a great morning :)

Alayna and her friend Kendall.

Petting baby chicks

 Alayna, Kendall and Taelyn. 

And little Brooklyn added to the bunch :)

Petting a pony

Picking her pumpkin

Twinsies with our short hair :)

Me, Lea and Teresa.  Love that I am still friends with these girls all these years later (we went to high school together).

On Friday I went along with Ethan's class on his fieldtrip to the very same pumpkin patch.  He also had fun :)

 Alright mom, hurry up and take your picture :)

Running through the hay maze with his classmates.

 Ethan's kindergarten class.  He is the tallest kid in his class.


Teresa DiMillo said…
I love that we are still friends too! The picture of you and Alayna matching is too cute!
Kelly said…
Yes, I agree about the pic of you and Alayna...AND the one of you and Ethan. So cute!

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