The Past Few Weeks

New Haircuts for the girls.  We cut about 4 inches from Alayna's hair!  She looks so much older.

I got side swept bangs

A few pictures from the park... dad was at the men's retreat so the kids and I had dinner and played one Friday evening.

Girlfriend finds dirt to play in wherever she goes :)

A little trip up to Oak Glen after school one day to get apple cider donuts from Snowline... yum yum.

We are doing a little pre-school co-op this year with two friends who have girls Alayna's age.  Alayna is very excited every week for her "school" time :)  We just do one letter and one number per week and we take turns hosting/teaching.

I've always had a thing for pumpkin, I love when autumn rolls around and I get to bake fun pumpkin things.  Being pregnant for the first time ever in the fall is giving me the excuse to try more than normal :)  I usually try not to bake too often as I'm usually watching my weight :)  My family has been loving all the yummy treats!

This was a pumpkin pie bagel from Panera Bread... very yummy!!!!


Christy said…
LOVE her hair cut, so clean and cute. :) I too love pumpkin. Been making pumpkin spice cake, pumpkin pancakes and anything else I can make. :)Happy Birthday this weekend!
Kelly said…
I saw that pumpkin pie bagel yesterday an it looked yummy. It's hard to detour my kids from Cinnamon Crunch, though. :)

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