Ethan's 6th Birthday

Ethan woke up to a few presents from us and then we quickly got ready and headed out to Disneyland :)

Thanks to the generosity of my brother we got to spend Ethan's 6th birthday at Disneyland.  The kids hadn't been since they were free.... Ethan was 2 1/2 and Alayna a baby, so they didn't remember it at all.  My mom came along too and it was such a fun day.

Ethan cried on all but two rides.  He was scared :(  What was scary to him were dark, unexpected, loud things.  Pirates of the Carribean nearly did him in.  Poor guy kept screaming that he wanted off the ride.  Nearly all of the rides at Disneyland have some element with that!  Thankfully he didn't seem traumatized and still said he had a great day.  He loved Soaring Over California and the parade at Disneyland in the evening.  It was also PACKED on the day we went.  We only went on 8 rides in the nearly 11 hours we were there.  Honestly I guess that it worked out since by the end of the day Ethan refused to go on any more rides anyhow.   All I have are cell phone pics from the day, but that's enough :)

Cars Land at night

Thank you for your generosity Jerrod, we had a magical day that will always be remembered :)

The following afternoon we had family over for a couple of hours for cupcakes and presents.  Jerrod took Ethan out to get him his very first skateboard (which he has been asking for for nearly a year).  Jerrod was a big skateboarder.  We'll see if Ethan can learn how to master some moves :)

And with that our birthday season is over, whew.  Having all of our birthdays so close together and during my busy season is kinda crazy!  I'm glad this next baby will have a spring birthday :)


Kelly said…
That is SUCH a neat present from your brother. Glad you had a fun time. :)
Christy said…
Whew! I'm tired just reading about it. Happy bday little dude!

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