Happy Birthday Ethan!

Dear Ethan,
Today you turn six. Six years ago you made me a mama for the very first time.  You have been excited for your birthday for months.  It's hard for you because all of our birthdays are close together, and yours is last. However thanks to the generosity of your Uncle Jerrod, we are spending the day at Disneyland today, so I think that more than makes up for it :)

You started kindergarten this year at RCS and you are doing so well. You enjoy it and are learning lots.  Your sister misses you while you are away, but it's fun to get a little one on one time with her this year before the baby comes.  Speaking of the baby, you are excited that in late March you will have another sibling.  You are hoping for a brother and Alayna is hoping for a sister :)

You continue to be my affectionate little snuggler.  You are so sweet and always wanting to snuggle and hug us.  I love that about you.  You are so much like your dad.  You promise me that you will always snuggle me even as you grow up and become a big man :)  I'm going to hold you to that!!

You are a little engineer with a very inquisitive mind.  You always want to know how and why things work.  You like to take things apart just so you can see how they work.  Your favorite toys to play with are Lego's, Tinker Toys and your Erector set.  You notice everything around you and pay attention to every little detail.  You ask a million questions about things so that you can fully understand them.  All of this is quite the opposite of me, but very similar to your father :)

You are still high matienence :)  You are just passionate about everything.  If something bothers you, it REALLY bothers you.   If you loose something, it's the end of the world, and you're going to be upset about it for a while When you cry, it's crazy intense.  Also,  when you're happy you are REALLY happy and enjoying life.  You are so cute when you are having fun because you make sure to tell me what a great time you're having. I'm pretty sure as you grow older this personality trait of yours can be funneled into good things, after all, passion can get you far in life.

Happy birthday my first born!  I pray continually that no matter what, you love the Lord with all your heart and serve Him first :)  Thanks for bringing our family so much joy!

Your Mama


krista said…
Happy Happy Birthday Ethan! I am not sure how you are 6 yet...that means Madyson is 6 in just 17 days. Time is not nice. We hope that you have SUCH a fun day at Disneyland today! Have fun celebrating!!!
Christy said…
Happy bday little man!!!
Kelly said…
Seems like we always get together with the girls...but we need to get our boys together for some Lego time! :)

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