Christmas Around our Home

A few sights around our house.  I always love decorating for Christmas.  This year I decided to just to silver, white and pops of red.  This tree is new to us.  Danny and Jolene gave us an extra tree they had.  It is 8 feet tall and fits our space much better than our old tree.

A couple of new ornaments.  I love to pick up an ornament when we take a trip or do something special :)

Here is Peter our elf, the kids have been having fun with this again this year as well :)

I made this tree out of sticks from our yard :)

I have a thing for bunting banners, I love making them :)

I love bringing in fresh greenery from outside.

We've been doing our advent bags this year, which is a highlight each day.  I haven't been quite as creative this year.  The crafts have probably been their favorite things.


Kelly said…
I'm pretty sure I got that ornament coloring kit from your 99 cent store too! It was a hit. :)

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