Christmas Day

With our Christmas taking an unexpected turn we made the best and had a great day. 

We had one VERY big surprise for the kids that we've been planning for months.... a playhouse :)  Matt designed it himself but only started building it the day before Christmas Eve.   He told the kids he was building a shed, and Ethan was very eager to help him.  On Christmas morning we took them outside and told them what it really is, and they were beyond excited.  It still needs to be finished, and hopefully that will happen within the next week or two :)  It's going to be very cool!!!

We then went inside and opened stockings in the morning and played with all of our fun new toys.  I also made homemade cinnamon rolls.... yum.

We had planned on being at Matt's parent's house all day, so I didn't have anything prepared to cook.  I did however happen to have a gorgeous rib roast in my fridge that I had planned on making this upcoming weekend, and a yummy sweet potato dish that I was going to bring to dinner at my in laws.  So we decided to make these for our Christmas feast.  I threw together a Jello salad and green salad, my brother brought rolls, and my mom brought mashed potatoes and green beans.  It was an amazing meal that we enjoyed very much!  Marlene was even able to come and partake for a bit.

It was a very nice and relaxing day and we enjoyed our time together (although really missed being with the rest of the family).


Kelly said…
Glad you ended up having a nice Christmas. :) I love the fort pics of the kids!

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