Christmas Eve

We had a great holiday, but I will admit I woke up today on Boxing Day and breathed a sigh of relief, nothing to bake or wrap or do, I can just "be" :)

The weekend before Christmas we went up to Ripon for Matt's mom's family annual Van Laar Christmas get together.  It was nice to see everyone, but a tiring weekend, especially being just before CHristmas.  The kids had fun and of course loved staying in a hotel. I brought my camera but I was lame and only took two pictures.  There were over 90 people there, crazy huh?  It's a huge family :)  These are all just siblings of Matt's mom (there were six kids, four still alive), and then their descendents. This family knows how to propagate ;)

The grown guys in our family (including Josh who is marrying my niece Amanda in June).

They had a pinata for the kids, which of course was a hit.

Okay, now back to Christmas Eve.  I still had presents to wrap and things to cook and bake, and I manged to get it finished.  The kids also go to decorate a gingerbread house and cookies.  My mom and brother came over and we had Christmas with them.

Our birthday cake for Jesus :)


Matt got down his old Legos from the attic and wrapped them up for the kids.  They were so excited and happy to add a ton of Legos to their Lego collection :)

She loves Calico Critters

Matt surprised me and got me a new blender, which I had been wanting :)

Around 8:00 that night we got a call that Matt's mom had to take his dad into the ER.  Turns out he has the flu and was not doing well.  He was too weak to even walk, needed oxygen and had a fever.  Poor Marlene spent the night with him at the hospital and came home Christmas morning at 3:30 am to sleep a little.  We had planned on having Christmas with them that day, but we are postponing it until Sid can hopefully come home from the hospital.  He is currently still there and they ran a CT scan this morning to see if he has pneumonia as well.  Your prayers would be much appreciated!


Mom H said…
Loved the pictures, I didn't take any at the VL party either! Oh well! Glad you got those! Love seeing your Christmas Eve!
Christy said…
Praying for Sid for sure.

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