Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving was great this year.  While we were definitely missing the cabin we had rented in Big Bear last year, it was a nice relaxing day. We started off the day at church with the Thanksgiving service.  We then spent the rest of the day at Sid and Marlene's.  The kids ran around outside with their cousins and the adults had a nice time visiting.  My brother joined us as well.

Before we headed over to the Hekmans I propped my camera on a trash can and took a couple of timer shots of our family.

Love this picture of all the kids, so cute... so much blonde hair :)

The kiddos at the end of the day... tired and watching a movie

We were very grateful this Thanksgiving as last year Sid was in the hospital having just received his stem cell transplant.  Things were uncertain and it wasn't an easy time.  How blessed we are to have another year together and to be at home!


Teresa DiMillo said…
Great pictures of all of the family. The pictures with the timer turned out amazing and I just love the one if the cousins on the swing set. Cousins are such a blessing, I LOVE seeing mine and Russell's kids together.
Kelly said…
So glad it didn't rain on you like you had thought! Sounds like a fun day. Last Thanksgiving as a foursome! :)

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