The Last of our Christmas

Since we had to post pone Christmas with Matt's family, we did it a few day late.  Unfortunately Sid is still in the hospital and could not join us, and we missed him.  Prayers for him are very much appreciated!  He is still fighting that pneumonia something fierce.  We still got together with Matt's mom and his brother Mike and family to celebrate since we had everything ready.  The kids of course had fun running around outside and playing and exchanging gifts.

So happy that these kids can have cousins close by who are close in age :)  They love each other!

It was Heather's 40th birthday the day we celebrated, so we got to celebrate her as well :)  

And last but not least, celebrating with the HekFlo crew on Friday night, who come mid summer of 2014 will become a party of TEN!!!!  So excited that the Flores' are going to welcome baby number three next year as well :)

And that wraps up Christmas!  Thankfully I got my decorations down and my house finally cleaned and put back together. 


Mom H said…
Thanks Jess, these are so perfect!
Kelly said…
It sure does feel good to have the house de-Christmas'd, despite how fun the season was :)

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