The Little Moments Lately

It seems lately I've only blogged about big events.  That's because I'm in the middle of my very busy season, which means I don't have any extra time for blogging :)  I'm taking a time out from working right now so I can post some everyday moments.

 I got to spend a day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs with Faith on her birthday.  It was so very nice to spend a day relaxing, especially when I haven't had one day off in a month!

A nice afternoon at the park after we picked up Ethan from school.  Enjoying the nice weather.

We found this desk on the side of the road for FREE!  I had been looking for one for Ethan's room, so I was so very excited to find this :)  It was perfect!  He has been enjoying it a lot :)

Fun at the park with Alayna

My new favorite holiday treat that I picked up from Trader Joe's.  So yummy.  Speaking of yummy holiday food from Trader's, the cranberry goat cheese log  is amazing.  Spread it on crackers and you have a perfect appetizer.

The kids and I had a picnic at the park one day after we picked up Ethan from school.

The sunsets around here are the BEST in the winter.

This is how Ethan has been riding his skateboard lately.  Mostly because he's too lazy to put on all of his pads, silly boy.

She said she was a kitty mermaid here.

Ethan was "walking his kitty" :)

Waiting for clients in Oak Glen one day.  It was coooooold.

I let the kids use the birthday money my grandparents sent them to choose something from Toys R Us.  Alayna chose Calico Creatures and Ethan chose a Lego set.

My friend Pam sent this to me :)  She has a graphic design business and makes all kinds of cool stuff.

Ethan's Thanksgiving feast at school.  I wouldn't call it much of a feast though seeing how much food those kids threw away, lol.  I take it kindergarteners are not huge lovers of Thanksgiving food :)


Christy said…
It IS all the little moments that matter huh? :)
Kelly said…
That cranberry log appetizer thing sounds yummy! I have a no mint and dessert policy in addition to no fruit and I'll pass on the mint mallows. :) Fun post!

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