Weekend Happenings

*All week the weather forecast said it would snow here on Saturday, however it ended up being a bit too warm (40 degrees).   We drove up the road five minutes to Oak Glen and played in it for a bit :)  We only stayed out in it for 10 minutes.  The snow was coming down, and  I didn't really feel like dealing with soggy cold children, plus they had sweatpants and rainboots on, and I also had sweatpants on.  FYI, sweatpants and snow don't mix, they get wet VERY quickly :)  I was just grateful I could still zip my jacket up over my belly (although just barely).  Can I just say I'm so happy that I live in a place where the snow we get a few times a year is a fun novelty?  You people who put up with it all winter long deserve some props.

*Alayna looked cute before church so I asked her to strike a pose :)

*The kids got to attend a birthday party at Sky Town this weekend for one of Ethan's classmates.  It was our first time going there.  They both had a blast.

*I've been craving peppermint brownies.  I made some this weekend but wasn't entirely satisfied with the recipe, so I think I might make more next week and try a different recipe. I think it was in part because the candy canes I used were from the 99 cent store and sub par.

*Two pictures of Alayna and I from today.  I took her to the park for a bit while Ethan was at school.  Isn't it funny how throwing things into water is always amusing for children??  Cheap thrills :)

That's all for now. Do you like how I'm a photographer and all I ever post lately are cell phone pictures???  :)


Kelly said…
I didn't realize it snowed so much up there! We should look for a Groupon and take our kids to Skytown. My kids love it too, but have more fun when there are other kids they know :)
Teresa DiMillo said…
Sky Town is super fun! My kids love it. You are so funny with the quality of pictures, if you didn't say they are "just" cell phone pictures, I wouldn't have even caught the difference. Well, I guess that's why you are the professional.

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