Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

We had such a lovely Memorial Day.  We started out with a hike in the Crafton Hills.  It's an easier one and was so enjoyable.  The weather was perfect with a lovely cool breeze.  We spotted lots of fun wildlife (aka butterflies, bees and ants), and had to stop many times to observe it :)  I am posted pictures straight from my phone, not edited at all :)

Goodness how I love these three :)  Matt and I have so been enjoying the kids lately.  They are at such fun ages and say such cute things.  I'm savoring the little bit of littleness that is still left :)

I made some festive cupcakes.  I'm pretty proud of how they turned out, my best ones yet!

We spent the afternoon swimming and relaxing at Matt's parent's house.  Carne asada was BBQ'd for dinner, the kids got to swim, and run and play with their cousins and had a blast. 

I LOVE that the kids get to grow up with cousins nearby who are close in age.  They love getting to play together.  Sadly it happens far less than you'd think!  With kids in school and busy schedules it is a challenge to get everyone together even though we do live close.  Glad when it can hapen :) 

I do realize Memorial Day is to honor all of the brave service men and women who serve our country and have given the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom.  We made sure to explain that to our kiddos this year.  We pay our respects, have grateful hearts, and bask in the joy of being together.

Show and Tell

Last week for show and tell Ethan was told he could bring his "favorite thing".  He asked if he could bring Alayna because he loves her.  Of course I said yes because is not that just the sweetest thing ever?  Alayna was very excited and loved getting to go into his classroom.  She told everyone she "felt so special".  She was beaming :)  It was seriously sweet and I was one very proud mama :)  I had to record it on my blog so that I can remember forever!  I wish I would have videoed it instead of just taking a couple of cell phone pictures, but at least I have those :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A few hours to ourselves

On Saturday my mom took the kids out after Ethan's last soccer game.  She took them to the Iris Festival and to lunch.  This meant Matt and I got a few hours to ourselves :)  It was unexpected and really nice.  Usually we have to plan a "date night" a bit in advance, and it usually includes dinner.  To be left with a few hours to ourselves in the middle of a lovely day was quite lovely!  We went hiking in Wildwood Canyon State Park.  I've always wanted to go to the peak, and while we didn't have time to get all the way there, we went super high and way farther than we've gone with kids.  The crazy part was how quickly we were able to hike :)  We were up and back to our car within an hour and 15 minutes.

The view from the top :)  Not too shabby, even with the haze.  The haze was wonderful because that's the reason it was cool enough to hike at 11:30!

We went home and changed and then headed to the Queen Bean for lunch.

Oh, and a side note, yes that is a huge gash on my head.  I was bending over trying to pick up toys and came down full force on the corner of a book case.  Super fun.  I'm such a klutz.

Amazing what a few hours alone in the middle of the day can do for your spirits.  We hadn't been hiking by ourselves since before we had kids, and we were reminded how active we used to be, and how much we enjoy it :)  Don't get me wrong, we are still active with kids, but it's not the same as being able to hike 4 miles super quickly in the middle of the day and have nice conversation and not be dragging along a complaining child, haha :)

I'm super grateful for a mom who takes our kids so that we can have little times of refreshing.  The great thing is that she takes them because she wants to be with them, and enjoys spending time with them.  Thanks mom!  You are awesome!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day

I've been meaning to post some pictures from Mother's Day.  It was such a great day.  When I woke up Matt had a few sweet gifts and cards from him and the kids waiting on the counter.  He made us all french toast for breakfast and we got to go to church.

While the kids had quiet room time I layed on the couch and read, which was wonderful. I then moved to a chair outside and enjoyed a yummy mojito and read some more while I watched my kiddos play in the pool.  It was hot but gorgeous out.

The view from my backyard seat :)

They spent quite a bit of time making themselves a mud pit and playing in it....

I told Matt the one thing I wanted was to not cook for anyone that day :)  He decided to make a yummy dinner and invited his parents and my mom over as well.  Steak and lobster was very much enjoyed :)

I felt very loved and appreciated and enjoyed the day of relaxing.  Good job Matt spoiling me and our moms!!!!  :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Tea

Ethan's class had a cute little Mother's Day Tea for all the mom's.  They sang a song, served us refreshments and gave us a gift.  It was incredibly cute and sweet.  It's so much fun to be on the other side... as a parent :)  I just love that Ethan smiles and winks at me and gives me hugs when I come to see him at school :)

The gift was a necklace with Ethan's thumprint baked into it.... so very cute :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Updates in cell phone pictures

Swimming with friends at Grammy's pool.  We went two weeks in a row.  This week it's been far too cold.  Hopefully next week we can go again :)  This was the first year we didn't go to Vegas with the Oates.  We were joking that this was as close as we were going to get... laying out at the East Highland's Ranch pool, lol.
 Tea parties at the pool are fun :)
 Daddy left work a little early and joined us one day.

Are my kids the only ones who wear rain boots even when it's hot?  :)
 Alayna got to use a rope swing one week at gymnastics.

I have four new rose bushes in the front yard, this is one of them... George Burns.  By the way, our front yard is finally landscaped!!!!  We finished up all the flower beds :)  Now there's just the massive huge area that covers our slope that is covered in ivy.  We won't be getting to that any time soon.  I'll post pictures soon of the front yard.
 He built a chair out of his Tinkertoys, fun :)
 We celebrated Baby Jeffrey's first birthday.
 Ethan's cousins came to his soccer game one week :)  I've yet to blog about soccer, it's because I want to bring my big girl camera to the field first :)
 Uncle Jerrod has made it to every soccer game :)
 She loves flowers.  She's always picking them and smelling them.  I let her pick this huge rose and she stuck it in her bike to enjoy :)
 Swimming again with friends :)
 They were warming up in the sun :)
 Fresh hay anyone?  It's a treat for these two :)
 Daddy/daughter snuggles
 My two little crazies after dinner one night

We had the annual Holland Festival last weekend.  The weather was great.  The day after it turned cold and rainy.  The kids had a blast playing games, eating ollie bollen, and they even lasted through three hours of the live auction!!!!

 She loved these guinea pigs and turtle.  Truth be told it made me miss my piggies.  I think I have enough animals for now, but know that it made me want to get some :)
 Bounce house fun

Instead of a french braid I have mastered this twist.  It is super easy and I've been doing it a lot on Alayna's hair.  Now i need how to do a regular french braid!