Friday, August 30, 2013

Food Lately

When you feel icky all the time and nauseous, eating is not fun.  The bummer part is that if I don't eat frequently, I get even more sick.  I feel like I'm constantly trying to shove food down my throat so that I don't get sicker :( I am totally not eating like I normally do.  I look forward to feeling a little more normal and enjoying food again!!!

Things I have eaten recently and somewhat enjoyed: 

-Baked potato soup.  I've had it several times and really enjoyed it.
-Baked potato with butter, sour cream and cheese
-Pho.  I could eat it every day.  I'm SO excited they are putting in a Pho place in Yucaipa, I hope it's good.
--Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes from KFC... the chicken didn't sound good to me, only the sides.  Gross huh?  I haven't eaten KFC in years.
-I had Drunken Noodles from Thai House today, totally yummy.
-Mac N Cheese
-Bean, rice and cheese burrito with sour cream and guacamole.  Also the 75 cent burritos from Del Taco.  Those really hit the spot right now.
-Most fruits
-vanilla Greek yogurt

I have still enjoyed spicy things, just not things that are too fragrant :)

I think the common theme is foods that aren't too flavorful and are more starchy.  Easier on a queasy tummy.  I am the epitome of health lately huh?  I can't wait to enjoy eating again :)

Playing out front

If we have enough time we usually go out front to play after dinner.  The other night I got my nice camera out and snapped a few pictures....

This is Alayna.... she is always has a dirty face and is constantly going into bushes, gathering rocks, sticks, flowers, or trinkets of some sort.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Bump Diaries

I am 9 1/2 weeks pregnant.

Feeling: nauseous a lot of the time.

I really dislike eating right now because not a whole lot sounds good.   The bummer part is that if I don't eat frequently, I get more sick.  So I'm always trying to figure out what sounds the least offensive.  My diet is sooooooooo not normal right now.   Normally I'm all about produce and protein and not a whole lot of carbs.  Right now I can't do many veggies, and meat sounds very unappealing.  I'm mostly able to handle carbs and fruit :(  I also CANNOT drink coffee right now, just the smell of it makes me queezy.  I miss the ritual of drinking my coffee in the morning.

I look VERY forward to not feeling nauseous.  The nausea lasted 16 weeks when I was pregnant with Ethan and 20 with Alayna, so I'm not holding out hope that it will end any time soon, but it sure would be nice!!!

The only time in my life I take naps is when I'm pregnant.  I am normally not a napper at all.  I seriously can't make it through the afternoon right now without laying down for a while.  Since my kids no longer nap I make them have quiet time in their rooms while I rest.  Afterwards their reward is an episode or two of Peppa Pig (their favorite cartoon right now).

I'm trying to stay somewhat active.  I've still been trudging to the gym.  My goal is to stay fit during this pregnancy since I was in really great shape before getting pregnant.  I'm hoping that will make it easier to shed the baby weight afterwards :)

That's about all right now.  Sick and tired :)  I'm really not very exciting.  I will be quite happy to be past this part of pregnancy.  I can't wait to feel the baby move :)

I'm starting to sport a tiny bump.....

Sunday, August 25, 2013

HekFlo Beach Day

Last weekend we went to Crystal Cove and met up with the Flores family.  The kids had a blast playing together.  The adults all took turns catching waves.  It was a great day.  We ended the day with dinner at Macaroni Grill.

These are all unedited cell phone pictures :)

First week of Kindergarten

Ethan completed his first week of Kindergarten last week.  He was excited.  It helps that he went to pre-k at the same place last year.  He hopped right in line and walked into his classroom no problem the first day.

 I actually did really well.  To be honest I was ready for him to be back at school.  By the end of summer him and Alayna were fighting quite a bit and he was just ready to be back into the routine of things. He does really well with a consistent routine. It's nice to have Alayna to myself now for a while.  When Ethan is around she just wants to be with him, so it's fun to have her by myself.

Here are a few pictures from the first day of school.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hekman Party of Five

I announced it on social media last week but forgot to post this on my blog....

We are all excited, kids included :)  This will be the only spring birthday in our family.

I've had people ask me if it was planned, and YUP, it was :)  This is a vacation baby, lol.  Made in Montana :)  I know that might be TMI, but I find it pretty funny :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A night at the beach

We had an appointment with our lawyer Monday morning at 9:00 am in Orange County to sign papers to update our living trust.  We figured since we had to be out there at 9 am on a Monday, why not go to the beach all day Sunday and get a hotel room for the night.  It was a nice little getaway.  We found a cheap room and enjoyed two days at the beach.... our happy place.  This was actually the first time at the beach this year for us (besides me doing a photoshoot).  The weather was perfect and we had a very nice time.

Sunday we went to Crystal Cove.

We had dinner at Island's Burgers on Sunday then watched the movie Wall-E in our room, which by the way was very cute.

Monday we went to Newport.  We decided to leave at 3:00 so we could get home before the bad traffic.  We weren't ready to leave, but didn't really feel like staying until 7:00.

Ethan hard at work on a sand castle.  They spent most of the time building :)  I guess it's pretty fun to have an engineer daddy!

My little sand monster.  She loves the sand and always has.  She made sure to roll in it all day long :)

 They spent a lot of time collecting shells.

My view for much of the afternoon.... pretty great :)

All in all, it was a great little trip!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Soaking Up Summer

This summer has probably been one of the best since having kids.  We have had so much fun.  Being that neither of my kids nap anymore, we have a lot of time during our days to fill up!  Work is generally slower for me in the summer, which is nice because I can spend more time with the kids (although my bank account doesn't think it's as nice, lol).  I've been trying to do something fun with the kids nearly every day.

Oak Glen
Last week we went up to Oak Glen two different days.  I love it up there this time of year during the week.  No one is there and it's gorgeous. 

They had a lot of fun gathering acorns

 He actually requested I take this :)

 In between all the fighting, there are sweet moments!! :)

My kids had the best time playing in this stream at Riley's Farms.  Free entertainment!!

Yucaipa Regional Park
We went to the regional park one day last week and the kids had a blast.  While it does cost money, it's right around the corner from my house and the next best thing to the real beach!  We are going again this week and Ethan is counting down because he will get to go on the waterslides for the very first time.

Fort Making
Lunch is always more fun when enjoyed in fort while watching a movie :)

We went to the drive in for the very first time with the Flores family.  It was actually a ton of fun.  The kids all sat in one car together and the adults sat in chairs.  We enjoyed dinner while we waited for the movie to start and the kids raced around on their scooters. We saw Turbo and we all enjoyed it :)  I liked that it was much cheaper than going to the movie theater.  We paid $15.00 total.

The sunset was amazing that night

Splash Park
Today we went to a splash park in Moreno Valley and met up with a few friends.  This is actually the only picture I took, and it was right at the end.  We actually stayed 4 hours!  The kids had a blast running around and playing and the mom's sat in the shade and chatted :)  Not bad for a free outing!

This is nothing fun, but I just had to add it..... I tried out a new form of punishment with Ethan...

Growing up this was a frequent form of discipline in our home.  I had to write many sentences and I vehemently promised my mom I would NEVER EVER make my own children do this.  hahahaha, you can bet she's having a good laugh now :)