Bump Diaries

My belly is continuing to grow!  In fact I think baby is becoming quite cramped :)  I can't believe that we only have two more months until we get to meet this little one!  I am still feeling pretty good (at 31 weeks).  I really had higher aspirations of staying in better shape during this pregnancy and keeping to the gym, but honestly it just hasn't happened.   It's just so not motivating to work out when you are getting fat anyhow.  My only complaint at this point is that I get horrible lower back pain if I do too much.  After the days I clean the house I am hobbling around in the evening.  I can handle 20 weeks of nausea, and lower back pain...that is FAR better than having insomnia and loosing your mind.  I am super grateful that this pregnancy has been so much easier this time around.  Hopefully it continues to be uneventful and I can keep on working right up until my due date :)


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