Crazy Hair Day

Ethan had crazy hair day at school last week.  I was so proud of him for participating :)  Last year he was too shy and embarrassed to participate in anything.  The only thing was that this glitter spray stuck to his scalp for several days after, lol.

While we're on the topic of crazy hair, check out this bed head on Alayna :)  hehe. 


Kelly said…
Hooray for Ethan! Glad he is enjoying participating in things like that more :)
Anonymous said…
Good for Ethan! It may be a sign that your son is finally becoming more sociable with kids his age. The hair’s a bit crazy indeed. But I think it looks REALLY good on him. Alayna looks adorable with her bed head! Haha

Tamara Hodges
Jim MacDonald said…
Don’t your kids all look cute? Ethan does seem more outgoing and sociable by the way he looks in the photo. What a cute hairstyle! It really is amazing how growing up does things to the kids’ personalities. You must be so proud as a mom seeing your kids growing up.
Jim MacDonald
I can only imagine the surprise and excitement in your face when you found out that Ethan started participating in his classroom activities. He looked great on those photos! Though I wanted to see his look with the glitters on the hair. Haha! Anyway, your kids are really adorable. I hope you’re having fun!

Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshall's Hair Salon & Spa

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