January Days

While January has been a really tough month, it's also held some really lovely weather.  California is in MAJOR need of rain and close to declaring a drought, but it has many happy residents who are loving this very warm and dry winter.  The kids and I have spent a lot of afternoons outdoors enjoying the lovely weather.  I will really miss our afternoons together when Ethan is in school all day next year.

Looks like everyone was enjoying the weather on this day :)  It's a gathering. 

I've mentioned before how much my kids love the un-landscaped space in the back of our yard.  It is where much of their play takes place. To me, this is what childhood should be about... freedom to play, create, explore, imagine and be dirty.  They spend so much time back here climbing trees, playing in the dirt and just imagining.  I love it.  On this particular day they "built their own play set". I thought it was pretty cute :)  I used to want to get this part of our yard looking nice, but now I'm so glad they have this space and I am okay with keeping it like this for them for several more years :) 

Seeing all those photos of snow and cold makes me quite happy that our winters are often so lovely!  I love that we can be outdoors so much :)


Kelly said…
I love that play set they made. Yes, I'll admit I'm quite jealous of your backyard. I think my kids are too. :)
Christy said…
I too was determined to get our property all landscaped...but the kids love building and making bike jumps etc. It's all about being a kid!! :)

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