Recent Cell Phone Snippets

It's been a couple of months since I've posted any cell phone pictures (of which I take a lot). Here are some snippets from the past couple months :)

The park with Alayna

 Always happiest when she's playing with plants/dirt/rocks/water :)

 A quick lunch date with my buddy boy when my friend had Alayna.  He loves when we get to do that.

My mom came along to keep me company when I had a session in Beverly Hills one Saturday.  It was nice to get to spend some time with her.


We got a new car back in December!  Well, it's used, but new to us :)  It's a 2006 Ford Expedeition.  We got a great deal on it and are very happy with it.  Now we have room for baby plus a third row :)

Yay for being able to take other people with us places now!

We bought the car down in Huntington, and the day we went it was beautiful. 

Fun at the park with my crazies :)

A hike through the conservancy at Los Rios in Oak Glen.  Love that place :)

Dinner in Downtown Riverside with the Flores'.  Fun to get out without our kiddos :)
Playing the game Trouble :)

Alayna was excited to get a new leotard for gymnastics. 

Two weekends in a row I made homemade Belgian waffles with fresh local strawberries and fresh whipping cream.  Oh boy did it make this preggo happy :)

A gorgeous sunset from the other night.

Making Valentine's. 

A fresh hair cut for me :)

Watching the Opening Ceremonies with the Flores'. Danny made us a really yummy meal.  He's become quite the cook since Jolene has been on bedrest.

This girl cracks me up.  She was so excited she caught a worm :)  She reminds me so much of myself!!!

Jumping on the trampoline with plastic balls.  fun fun!


Kelly said…
What a fun idea to throw those balls on the trampoline! How awesome is it that we live so close to such a great place to hike (Los Rios)? no fruit/dessert policy also extends to waffles...but I'll take the whipped cream on those! :)
Christy said…
Cute hair cut. Nice car, great updates girl. We got a new car in December too! So fun. :)

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