Valentine's Day

I totally forgot to post these cute pictures from Valentine's Day, so I'm back posting :)  We always make Valentine's Day special for the kids.  When they wake up I have goodies set out for them.  I made them cupcakes and they got to have one for breakfast.

After Ethan went to school Alayna's friend Kendall stopped by for a bit to play and have a cupcake :)  These two have so much fun together, they are really cute.  

I photographed a wedding that evening (at 34 weeks pregnant), but it was only 2 hours, so I was able to manage :)  I picked up a pizza from Gourmet Pizza on my way home for Matt and I.  The kids were already in bed when I got home, so we had a quiet dinner and ate our pizza.  Nothing fancy this year, but a quiet dinner together is ALWAYS appreciated  :)


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