Beach for work and play

Last weekend the weather was gorgeous, which was good because I had a photoshoot at the beach. The kids and Matt came along with me, and the plan was to get out there early enough so that we could all hang out for a bit before my session, but it took us two hours to get there so I actually barely made it in time for my session.  While I worked with my clients Matt took the kids out on the beach and they had fun looking at the tide pools and exploring. It was really warm, so crazy that it was late February! 

These pictures are straight from Matt's phone :)  Good photo skills honey!  You make me proud ;)

Apparently this crazy girl ran straight into a wave as soon as they got there and then was wet.  I hadn't brought extra clothes for her.  Good thing it was warm!

She likes to play with sea weed.  My little naturalist.

Ethan on the other hand won't touch it.

She told Matt she was a sand monster and roared :)

 Matt snapped this of me working, lol.


Kelly said…
Didn't the hours and hours of traffic happen to you last time you went to the beach? Bummer! But cute pics and it looks like the kids had fun. :)

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