Playing Around the House

We are currently on our first day of spring break.  It's 10:00 am, we are all still in jammies, and I'm about to have a piece of leftover chocolate birthday cake that I made my mom for a snack :) As you can tell I've been catching up on blogging, as this is my third post this morning :)  Soon I will pack us up a picnic and I'm going to take the kids swimming at my mom's house (since the pool is heated). 

I've intentionally kept my big girl camera out in a place that is easy for me to get to, in the hopes that I would take more pictures around the house.  Having it within easy reach makes me much more likely to use it for every day life.  Here are some recent photos of the kids playing around the house.

The kids have been into building intricate train tracks lately.  This is an elevated track.  Pretty creative :)

The other day they built a bunny pen outside for their toy bunny.  They were very intent on filling up that container with different kinds of food for the bunny.  I told them they could not pick any of my flowers to complete this task after I realized they were picking my Iris leaves.

Ethan recently earned a new Lego set for filling up a sticker chart.  This was a huge prize for him to earn, I normally don't have them earn such big things, however his behavior has been VERY challenging lately, and this was one of the things he has been wanting (a new Lego set). He was very happy to earn it and put it together right away.

Last week I had my sister in law Heather bring Stephen over for the morning.  It was nice because these two cousins kept each other occupied while I got a ton done.  I'm in crazy nesting mode over here and I'm like a mad women lately trying to do all kinds of stuff around my house. I love that these two love each other so much and get along so well.  Out of all the cousins they are the closest in age (6 months apart).


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