Recent Snippets

A few snippets from the past few weeks.....

Fun at My Gym with T-MOMS.  Alayna loved an hour of free play.  Her favorite part was the ball pit.
Walking her cousin Jeffrey to the playground.  She's excited to become a big sister soon, and I think she's going to be a great one!

We had some time to kill one morning so we went to Ford Park. Alayna proffered looking at the pond, and throwing things into it over the playground equipment :)
I planted some new succulents in my milk glass.  Two of my favorite things combined :)

She reminds me to slow down.  She's always observing her surroundings and admiring nature.

We went bowling with our church one evening.  I couldn't really participate because I'm so pregnant, but the kids had a blast. 

A trip to Home Depot.  I have fond memories riding around in the these carts as a kid with my own dad :)

I got a boy and a girl take me home outfit to bring along to the hospital.  I can't believe that in a few short weeks we will have a new child to fill out one of these outfits.  Not knowing the gender makes these last few weeks of pregnancy more exciting... the anticipation of meeting our little one is huge :)

I took these three to the park the other morning so that Heather could grocery shop alone.  She then took Alayna home and watched her while I had my OB appointment.  I'm so grateful we live close to family and that we are close to them :)  I also love that the cousins love playing together.


Christy said…
I cannot believe the baby is coming soon! We are super excited for your family. Can't wait to see what you're having. :)

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