Spring Break

I'm still pregnant :)  39 weeks today.  It's Friday of our spring break, and it's been a really great week.  I have planned something fun every day for the kids.  I figure it's my last week of having just two kids, and I wanted to make it fun.  It's been so nice to have a relaxed schedule this week, not having to rush out in the morning.

The week's activities:

My friend Kelly came and picked up both kids and took them for the entire afternoon.  She took them hiking and for a picnic in Oak Glen, then back to her house for the rest of the afternoon.  When I picked them up they were exhausted and had had a super fun day.  Matt and I got to spend a great chunk of time together and it was really great :)  Our last date before baby!  We headed out to Victoria Garden's and had lunch at Cheesecake Factory.

Kelly sent me this picture of the kids hiking :)

After lunch we strolled around, and then went to several stores in search of a patio conversation set, which we have been wanting forever.  We were going to pay full price on this set, which we thought was a great deal.  We get up to pay and were super stoked to seriously get the deal of the century due to K-Mart having priced the set wrong.  Instead of getting this for $540 we got it for $250!!!!  Major score! We were so surprised the manager let us have it for that price.  Loss for K-Mart, gain for us!  It's super comfy and we have been enjoying it.  We are outside all the time so it is nice to finally have something like this :)

We enjoyed a leisure morning at home, just relaxing, eating leftover chocolate birthday cake, and being in our jammies.  I was sitting there watching them thinking how crazy it is that soon there will be someone else... another member of our family. 

 Later, I took the kids swimming at the pool at my mom's, since it's heated :)  It was about 80 degrees that day, and ended up being a really great afternoon.  My kids are fish and love being in the water. 

We went to a local park and went on a very small hike.  Unfortunately Ethan wanted to hike while Alayna didn't. He was bummed she wouldn't go further, but I can't force her to hike.  I was hoping I'd walk the baby out, but I didn't, haha.  The kids each picked out a pair of sunglasses from the 99 Cent store and were excited to wear them.

We went to Chuckee Cheese.  Honestly I'm amazed at how excited my kids are by this place, because I think it's rather chintzy.  I spend $10 on 40 tokens, divide them up between the two, and they make it last about 45 minutes.  They love using their tickets to get a little prize. We ate lunch at Costco afterwards.  One of my favorite things about having kids this age is the simple things you can do to make their day exciting :)

We met up with friends at Sky Town (a trampoline place).  We ended up jumping for 2 1/2 hours and then enjoying the free lunch that is provided for Toddler time.  The lunch is actually really good, I can't beleive it's included it in the price!  I only paid $12.00 for the jumping and lunch for both kids!  We also enjoyed cupcakes that Teresa brought because it was Taelyn's birthday.


Kelly said…
So neat that the week before baby (maybe) was spent having such fun times/outings together. :) I swear I learn more from you about proper names than anyone. First you tell me what a "powder room" is, and I'm just learning that a patio set is a "conversation set"? :)
Teresa DiMillo said…
What a fun week!! I'm so glad you were able to take the time with Ethan and Alayna before the baby comes. I'm praying for you today as 3/24/14 is a wonderful day to have a baby!!

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