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Everett is one month old

I can't beleive Everett is already a month old (and I know I'll be saying this every month).  I quickly snapped these pictures of him the morning he was one month old.

At one month old Everett still sleeps a lot.  He is super easy going and easy to keep happy.  He almost never cries and is content as long as his needs are met :) He melts my heart and it's so much fun having a tiny, snuggly newborn.

I'm already trying to do the whole Babywise thing with him because I'm hoping he'll sleep through the night soon :)  The past week or so he's done a 4-5 hour stretch at night, which is great.  Hopefully that keeps growing, especially since I'm back to work this next weekend. 

I thought this was a fun comparison, all of my kids at 1 month old.  Ethan and Everett are wearing the same outfit and next to the same exact teddy bear. 


We had a very nice Easter this year. The day before Easter we went over to Matt's mom's house where she had breakfast for us and an egg hunt.  We have done this the past several years and it has become a tradition.  This was our first time celebrating a holiday without Papa, and we missed him.  We started off with the resurrection eggs at breakfast, which Marlene does every year.  Then we ate and hunted for eggs :)

Everett was sleeping in the sling here :)

My neice Jenelle holding Everett.
My nephew Stephen holding Everett.
The next day we went to church and then to my mom's for our annual Easter lunch.  It was perfect outside and very nice.  The Flores family joined us, as well as Marlene, my brother, and Beth and Danielle. It was such a great day!!

Here is our annual Easter picture in front of the rock at my mom's :)  It's so crazy that we have five people in our family this year, when last year Everett wasn't even a thought :)  Actually we were starting to …

Everett at three weeks

Some photos of our little man at three weeks old.

I love the way Alayna loves Everett.  She mimics everything I say, she's like a little mama :)  It's so sweet and cute.  She adores him and always says how glad she is that he's here.

Brothers :)

Everett at 2 1/2 weeks

I took some sweet photos of Everett at 2 1/2 weeks.  Nothing like  naked baby photos :) I had to take at least a few :)  He'll love these when he's older, haha.